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I love taking a sissy shopping, be it online or out in the real world. The pleasure I get when I know a sissy is out in the shops, picking up and choosing lingerie is the best kind. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a good online shopping spree with a sissy though. It’s a very close second.

Online sissy shopping

I spend a lot of time shopping online with sissies. It’s such fun choosing outfits together, and having girly conversations about which colours and clothing go together. I love seeing sissies growing in their preference for what they choose for themselves. It’s always exciting see which sexy outfits sissy girls enjoy. Of course I have to choose some too!

I always make sure at least one piece is chosen by me. You might be surprised that I don’t choose more pieces for my sissies. I always give my input as to style and colour but I derive an extra level of pleasure in having a sissy choose. For the well versed sissy, they enjoy and choose well. For the less experienced, I revel in their humiliation. Of course we then go on to buy something both suitable and humiliating for the embarrassed sissy. If you ask yourself what is the ultimate humiliation, this is it.

I’m acutely aware of the fact that online sissy shopping will never compare to that of walking into a store. For this reason, I like to replicate real life shopping as much as possible. This means the online sissy shopper gets to outlive at least some of how that feels. No one can argue girly shopping trips are life’s best medicine after all! If you want to learn how to become the best sissy girl, it all starts here.

Real life sissy shopping tasks

For some sissies, shopping out in the real world is a daily activity. I have several passable sissies who don’t so much as cause a giggle. No one knows there’s a sissy girl in there at all. That is by no means for the most part of my sissy shoppers. On the contrary,  most my sissies who go out shopping, turn heads and invoke giggles and smirks. If you’re stuck on the basics on how to train as a sissy, you can always contact me for a good start.

Being a long distance sissy made easy

The twenty first century is a blessing in enabling shopping sissies to stay in touch with me. I love hearing their excitement and embarrassment as they leave a store. Listening to them update me on what they’ve bought and who giggled at them is always pleasing. Receiving pictures of the sissy shopping haul has to be some of the best photos I get. Nothing says Girly, like card bags filled with pretty lingerie. If you’re going to put your stockings on before getting home for me, make sure you learn how to put on stockings for the first time.  It’s not as straight forward as you might think without practice.

Sissy humiliation shopping tasks

Some sissies thrive on humiliation, which is a good thing! It’s a good thing, because this mistress thrives on humiliation. While I love a passable sissy, and their ability to slip the net. No pun intended. I much prefer the sissy who can’t. The sissy who strives for passable but never gets there. Watching you try and fail is something I will never tire of. This is why I love sissies who shop out there and come to me for tasks. Choosing and making shopping lists, in the knowledge the sissy will be out buying them is all new levels of hot.  This is perfect for those who need sissy humiliation and don’t know why.

I always make sure to instruct at least a couple of sizes in each style. It’s important you ask someone for a second opinion on which will fit you, you want to make sure you get the right size for me. The extra humiliation is just icing on the cake.

The blushing sissy in the shops

You know people see you coming right? They would notice you much less if you weren’t blushing bright red. Your make up is even more highlighted by the crimson cheeks you started wearing as you approached the lingerie section. You should have Yeah, now everyone’s looking!  They know you’re a sissy because you give yourself away out there. You could have been buying lingerie for your girlfriend or wife. Not you. Everyone knows your secret. It’s like you’re wearing it in neon lights on your cheeks. Enjoy the humiliation. I know you love it. Don’t ask yourself why you love humiliation.  Breath, accept that everyone knows, buy your lingerie like a good girl, and get home to wear it for me. Mistress always knows best.

Until next time,

Your Kink advisor- Dorian Black