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Ever wondered how to become a perfect sissy girl, not just a dip your stockinged toe in the water, but instead striving to become the perfect  femme.  I know how much you think about making those  changes.  I see how good it feels every time you open that door and let her back in.  You’ve come this far, things can only get better.

What makes the perfect sissy girl?

Do you find yourself mulling over the same question? Wondering what it is us mistresses look for that makes the perfect feminized sissy creation. We all know sissy girls are not a one stiletto fits all, and every sissy comes in her own unique shape, size and manner. I guess the question should really be, what does Mistress Dorian deem the perfect sissy? As you all know, I love creating sissies, I love all aspects of training and emasculating, but what I love more than anything is the finer detail.  Anyone can put on a pair of panties and call themselves a sissy, but being a true sissy goes beyond that.  You must familiarise yourself with the difference between a sissy and a cross dresser, and then ensure you put yourself in the former for me.

The right submissive attitude

Obviously, any decent and passable sissy needs to know their place. For me, this means the sissy remains subservient at all times, and this includes submitting to both men and women, including orders from other subs. I find this form of humiliation and sissification exhilarating, and nothing says submission like that of submitting to another slave. Sissy girls playing together is truly delightful. I find that with the right mentoring, sissy training brings out true submissiveness.  Through humiliating and feminizing tasks, sissy girls soon learn where they belong and begin to thrive on submission and devotion.  I will teach you new ways to humiliate yourself as a sissy for me.

How to look the best-dressed sissy in town

Of course, it’s of utmost importance to make sure every effort is made to perfect your appearance.  I expect you, as a sissy, to reach the epitome of femininity. Sissies need to endeavour to cater to every aspect of their femininity, and as a keen feminizer, you can trust that my fine eye for details will keep you on your toes. I pride myself in polishing fine details during sissy girl training. I have an extensive wardrobe of attire, all hand selected to me for my sissy girls. This means it’s important you know how to shop as a sissy!  Nothing is more pleasing than a trained emasculated sissy girl who knows how to choose her own outfits, in the full knowledge of which will please me most. My sissies dress to serve themselves but more importantly, they cater their choices to serve me. I aim to get every sissy girl I have control over to a passable level of femininity .

Becoming a Passable Sissy

What does it mean to be a passable sissy? Being a passable sissy means my work is done It means with my guidance and control you have reached a stage on your sissy journey where even you, when faced with a mirror, struggle to recognise your previous self. Passable means those who meet you on the street have little to no idea that you ever pretended to be a boy, this includes people you may have known while presenting as a man. I believe in perfection for my sissy creations, and if you still look like a male, I have failed. Failure is something I do not condone, in myself, or in my subjects. To meet my standards you need to put in the work.  I give you the tools to do that.  Need to learn to talk like a sissy? 

Talk the sissy talk and walk the sissy walk

A good sissy girl needs to finesse all microdetails for me. This isn’t just about putting on a pair of knickers and doing a twirl. To become the best girly version of yourself possible, every hand movement, leg movement, hair flick and eye lash batt should be demonstrated to feminine perfection. Every last aspect of your being needs to radiate femininity for me. I am a perfectionist when it comes to sissy creation and feminisation. I will tweak and re-tweak every detail of your persona, appearance and personality, and you will walk in my shadow, as my girly creation. There is no such thing as too girly. All passable sissies are as girly as they get!

Repeat after me ‘There is no such thing as too girly’. Use it as your mantra if you haven’t already been assigned one. Attention to fine feminine detail is a prerequisite of training under me as one of my sissy girls. Always ask yourself the most important question: How can I become a more feminine girly girl? and always remember, there is no such thing as the perfect sissy. Sissy girls can always improve.

I hope that’s been useful for those of you thinking about taking the leap from fantasy to reality. They say when fantasy becomes reality it loses its appeal. I say, that’s a lie, and it’s time to get your knickers on for me.

Until next time,
Your Kink Advisor- Miss Dorian Black