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I know you’re quite the cuckold, and you’ve been looking for someone to help you indulge your fantasies. I also know it can be hard to find the perfect person to confide in. But I’m here to help you. I am the Kink Advisor, after all.

I have been involved in a few cuckold situations myself, so I totally understand the psychology behind them. I enjoy talking about all sorts of things pertaining to cuckolding, too. I find it’s a fascinating subject.

A Cuckold Imagines His Wife With Another Man

One of the most common cuckold phone sex scenarios that I have run into is a would-be cuck imagining his wife (or girlfriend) with another man. (That would be the cuckold bull in this situation.) And, naturally, he needs someone to talk to about it. I’m always happy to fill that role for any cuck who needs it!

Sometimes, he might just want me to listen to how he imagines it going down. Other times, he might want me to describe how I would imagine it might go down. Still other times, we may collaborate on a cuckold fantasy of that sort. He may also want some advice on how to broach the subject with his wife or girlfriend. And again, I’m happy to provide it. I enjoy these sorts of fantasies and helping to make them become a reality.

Types Of Cuckolds

There are many different types of cuckold phone sex scenarios. I have simply described a common one above. There are also many different types of cuckolds out there, too. Let’s discuss a few of them!

One such example is the voyeuristic cuckold. He’s all about seeing his wife or girlfriend fucking someone else. He’s mostly interested in the sex itself, just seeing her be pleased by someone else. He may also want to participate in the goings-on, as is the case with the creampie and coerced bi cuckolds.

The creampie cuckold, of course, enjoys eating fresh creampies, straight from his lady’s holes. The coerced bi cuckold is interested in sucking cock and/or being fucked himself.

Other types of cuckolds include the hot wife-loving cuckold, who wants his lady to be with as many guys as possible. He loves how beautiful and sexy she is and wants to show her off to everyone he can! There’s also the humiliated cuckold, who likes the humiliation of being cuckolded and the chaste cuckold, who wants to be locked into chastity while he’s being cuckolded. And let’s not forget the sissy cuckold, who has feminization fantasies that go along with his cuckolding fantasies.

What Is Your Cuckolding Fantasy?

Now, there’s nothing saying that you can’t be more than one of these types at one time! For example, some sissy cuckolds also like being locked into chastity, and some hot wife-loving cuckolds also like being humiliated, and so forth. Furthermore, this is not an exhaustive list of the different kinds of cucks. It’s simply a list of the more common types I have run into over the years.

So what kind of cuckold are you, and what is your cuckold fantasy? That’s the big question, isn’t it? It’s all well and good what others do, but you’re most interested in your own fantasies, right? There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. I’m very interested in your fantasies as well. So why not grab that phone and give Ms. Dorian a call. You can enlighten me about the things you enjoy about cuckolding, and perhaps I will return the favor. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Until next time,

Your kink advisor,

Miss Dorian Black