Feminine Curves for Sissies and Cross Dressers

Happy Monday sissies, girls, and panty boys! This week, your Mistress has decided to begin waist training with My favorite underbust corset to go for that curvy, vintage figure I’ve always dreamed of! Sure, My skating and on and off Taekwondo practice has Me trim and toned- but slim and toned is not the same as Jessica Rabbit type curves ;) Since I’m on My personal journey to a more feminine, curvaceous figure- I couldn’t help but think of My sissies, cross dressers, and TS Girls who are on the lookout for “how to” tips to get that perfect, feminine shape! Well dear- I’ve got all the answers for you :D

Shapewear 101Marilyn

The word “shapewear” alone can be the ultimate turn off for some. Picture those ugly, flesh tone, modern day slimmers we see at every department store. Scared yet? I know I am! These are not the type of “shapewear” pieces you want to be wearing. To get that feminine curve in your waist and have your hips and booty smoothed out, you’re going to want to search for Vintage Shapewear- because that’s where all the sexy goodies are! The main vintage shapewear staples are waist cinchers, girdles, Merry Widows, and Corselettes/Body Briefers. Waist cinchers with steel boning are lovely if you’re already slim- you can wear your own bra and inserts for a sexy shape; you can attach suspenders to the bottom loops to wear your stockings with; and you’ll get your waist nipped in with a simple hook and eye closure. Shorter girdles are great if you’re slender with a taut waist, because they can nip you in at just the right place and smooth out your hips beautifully! A longline girdle with steel boning is great for those who are a bit fleshier- they come right up to your bra, and you can eliminate any back squidge between your bra and girdle with a longline bra like magic ;) A true Merry Widow with steel boning is great for those looking to nip in their waists without squishing a nicely shaped ass- but be warned that using hook and eye back closures is no easy task. You’re lucky you have a Mistress like Me to help out with that, aren’t you? Practice is everything when it comes to clips, clasps, and laces ;)

Creating a Feminine Hourglass

The “perfect hourglass” is a term that is relative to any given persons opinion- however, these next few garments I’ll be talking about will get you even closer to it! Corselettes and Body Briefers are one of the most practical and beautiful pieces ever created for the feminine form. Think of them as an all in one: they’re a slip, a bra, a garter belt, and a waist cincher all in one pull-on piece that comes to just below your bottom! You will need inserts to fill out the cups, and because these pieces are made of firming powermesh your proper size will look quite tiny because they are designed to suck everything in to that gorgeous, hourglass shape in two minutes or less. Just step into the corselette- gather, pull, and adjust ;) Costume and glamour corsets are great for sissy girls looking for a quick fix- most of these are overbusts and come down just to the hips. They feature plastic or acrylic boning that certainly will not shape your waist in the long term- but for an evening of dress up extravagance, they can nicely shape your waist to get you feeling more girly. The best part is the simple sizing- costume corsets run S-XXL; so you won’t have to play a numbers game! For My girls who are truly into full blown vintage glamour, you might consider trying on a steel boned corset for size! Yes, they are very restrictive and you will need help from a Mistress or corsetiere to learn how to properly season and lace into a true corset. Steel boned corset sizing goes by inches, and you should order a size about 3-4 inches down from your natural waistline. For instance, if the smallest part of your waist is 34 inches, get a size 30 to start with. Once your Mistress teaches you how to lace in, you can’t get a more perfect hourglass than what a steel boned corset will give you! That said- it’s important to start slow on shaping those feminine curves, and any of My girls considering tight lacing or waist training in a corset MUST consult a physician before diving right into the extravagance- just to make sure we keep your dainty little figure safe and feeling sexy ;)

Are you a fan of Vintage Lingerie and Shapewear; or are you a sissy or cross dresser curious about diving into this glamorous new world? Share in the comments, and feel free to tell Me what else you adore about feeling feminine!

XOXO- Mistress Marilyn


Femdom Trampling Fun

Welcome back, subbies and naughty boys! Last week, I wrote about 5 Thoughts a Mistress Masturbates To; and it turns out that two sexy things off My list also correlate to this week’s fun: My heels and stockings, as well as indulging My Sadistic side ;) Trampling has been a favorite fetish of Mine ever since I first tried it. I’d teamed up with a Mistress friend, and a submissive who was quite experienced in trampling already- making it a very safe realm for Me to practice My trampling talents. Since then, I’ve explored trampling with quite a few playmates; ranging from submissive human doormats to fetishists who just love being teased by being walked all over! Whether you already have a trampling fetish or you’re simply curious about what it entails, you’ll want to read on for the kinky wickedness to come!

A Fetish where Worlds Collide

Many men have a fetish for high heels- pumps or boots; there’s just something about those tall, slim stilettos that exude grace and power. In pumps, I can slip into My favorite Fully Fashioned Stockings for a trampling scene to give a gorgeous view to My submissive. In thigh high boots, there is much room for boot worship in-between My steps. Lastly, trampling in bare feet can certainly indulge a foot fetishist when I need a break to wiggle My adorable, delicious toes in his face :D Submissive men can enjoy all of the above fetishes; and the best part is that trampling can combine any of those sexy factors with deeply masochistic desires. Talk about a fun playing field for a Mistress like Myself!

Trampling can be Sensual Fun, or Strict Torment

Mistress MarilynLike most fetishes in BDSM, trampling has both a light, sensual side- and a wicked, Sadistic side. Barefoot trampling can feel much like a kinky, sensual back massage with the soft pads of My feet circling into the tension of your muscles and making you moan for more. Once I turn you over I won’t be able to resist pinching your nipples with My toes! This is a sexy scenario I’ve experienced time and time again; and I adore the playful power exchange that goes along with it. Moving on to the more wicked side of trampling- well, that’s where the high heels come in, My dear ;) The pain factor is greatly increased because I’m using your body as My balancing board- letting your muscles guide Me as to where I can dig and grind that heel in just a little bit harder; and leaning My weight forward on the ball of My foot to apply more even pressure to a larger area of willing flesh. Some submissives love being treated as human doormats in the strictest sense; and I certainly don’t mind putting them in their proper place- beneath Me- both literally and figuratively. On the contrary, even with the pain factor increased with My heels- a person doesn’t necessarily need to be a submissive to explore a masochistic fetish. I once had one playmate who would alternate between screaming in pain and laughing in playful pleasure. I always left with a smile on My face due to the little pink polka dots My heels left over his body, and he always left with a smile on his face because his masochistic fetish was indulged in My gorgeous presence :D

Phone Trampling is the Safest Place to Start

Any smart trampling fetishist knows that trampling can be extremely dangerous when exploring in person with an inexperienced partner. As sexy as this fetish is- if you’re inexperienced with it in real time play, this is NOT an activity you simply jump right into! Now that is where phone trampling comes in ;) I love describing sensations in detail, from the softest touch to a truly Sadistic pain play scene. In fantasy, I can bring you into My trampling realm and give you an unforgettable experience without ever having to worry about your physical safety. For experienced submissives who love trampling; I can recreate an experience you’ve replayed in your head on repeat for years; or we can create some new memories in a deviously sexy roleplay. For those of you who would love to try trampling and aren’t ready to explore in real time yet, you’ll have your appetite whet to envision Me walking all over you time and time again ;) Besides, isn’t Phone Domination all about indulging fetishes in a safe and sexy realm? Mmhmm. I’m game for that!

Do you enjoy combining a shoe or foot fetish with masochistic trampling? Are you an experienced submissive who adores being walked all over, or a curious potential playmate eager to explore some more? Share your thoughts in the comments, and have a kinky week!

XOXO- Mistress Marilyn


5 Thoughts a Mistress Masturbates To

Happy Monday and Happy New Year, kinksters! This year, I’m back to brightening up your Monday evenings with a sexy new blog post each week. To kick off the sexiness, I’ve decided to chat about something that Mistresses, submissives, and playmates all enjoy- masturbation! Every Femdom is bound to have Her own unique turn-ons and desires; and I know it’s only going to keep My subbies even more teased to find out exactly what I think about while I’m masturbating ;) For an extra special New Year’s treat; I’m also going to give My strokers an assignment to do for Me while you read- drop your pants, grab the lube, and edge once for each of My favorite thoughts to masturbate to. Will I eventually let you cum? You’ll have to make it to the end of My list to find out!

When I Think About This I Touch Myself

  1. Teasing Men in My Stockings and Heels- Yes, it’s time for a Mistress confession. We already know I have one serious stocking fetish, but My fantasies go well beyond just slipping into a pair of FFS or RHT’s. I like to think back to all the times I’ve worn my stockings and stilettos with teensy, tight skirts around the town. All the times I’ve made a helpless male’s jaw drop, or caused him to awkwardly hide the tent in his pants with his briefcase as he squirms in his seat on the train. I’m all too happy to dangle a shoe off My beautiful foot and circle My ankle around as they breathlessly wait for the shoe to drop- but I’m even happier to hear the little gasp men make when I slip the heel back onto My foot, and walk away with a sexy swing in the hips, teasing them with the backseams ;)
  2. Having a Harley between My Legs- Mmm, the purr of a motorcycle engine is a beautifully erotic thing. I can’t lie- there’s been too many occasions to count where I’ve nestled My Lelo Mona right between My pussy lips and imagined my stiletto pumps in a saddlebag; with the wind whipping My hair back and the engines vibrations tickling Me in all the right ways! Ah, how lovely it would be to be a biker and a Femdom. Someday My prince *ahem*, Harley will come. And so will I.
  3. Indulging My Sadistic Side- I know; a pretty young thing like Me must be all sensual happiness and light, right? If only I didn’t have suchMarilyn_9 wonderful Mistress friends who taught Me about all the fun I could have with a flogger. And a fraternity paddle, and a dragon tail, and clover clamps and parachute ball stretchers :D Be it strict pain play and power exchange or sadistic tickle torment; having a submissives whimpers of the past ringing in My ears as I touch Myself gets Me wet down to My thighs in thirty seconds or less. I guarantee it ;)
  4. Enjoying My Orgasm while I Deny yours- Oh, is tease and denial a beautiful thing. I love playing with hard, teased cocks- and more importantly, I love keeping those cocks teased! I might enjoy edging Myself right there with you to build up to a stronger orgasm; but in My fantasies and Femdom lifestyle, we both know how the situation is going to turn out. I’m going to have an incredible, explosive orgasm because a Mistress gets what a Mistress wants. You, on the other hand, are going to stay denied, twitchy, and begging to cum as long as it amuses Me. Really, what Femdom wouldn’t want to masturbate to that?!
  5. Giving AliceWonder a Birthday Blowjo . . . . wait a minute. That’s not right. A Birthday Spanking it is, then! For your birthday present, I’ll have you know that I masturbated twice today just thinking about teasing you with the premise of getting a spectacular Marilyn blowjob- while locked up in a cute, pink chastity cage for Me :D

Will AliceWonder get a blowjob from Me eventually? Are you allowed to cum now that you’ve reached the end of My sexy post? Well . . . a Mistress can be indecisive, so I suppose you’ll just have to come back next week and find out if I’m feeling merciful then ;)

Happy New Year to all, and Happy Birthday, Alice!

XOXO- Mistress Marilyn


Spanking: Play or Punishment?

Welcome back, subbies and playmates! It’s turning out to be a cold winter, but if there’s one thing that keeps Me warm- it’s warming up your bottom ;) Spanking has always been a favorite fetish of Mine; and that’s mainly because of the diversity and artistry in the activity itself. It can start with a hot slap on the ass during a sexy bedroom romp, or it can be a severe punishment within a D/s relationship. I could have you bent over My knee, or I could cuff you to a spanking bench while reminding you of your infractions with every smack. The possibilities truly are endless, but when it comes down to it- a spanking fetish is either about kinky play, or about true punishment.

Spanking in Kinky Play

Vanilla, Domme, or sub- lots of people like to get their spank on every once in a while! When people dabble in BDSM, I find that the first three things they typically try are bondage, blindfolds, and light spanking- just to sexily experiment with power play. For fetishists, the need to get a firm paddling delves a bit deeper into the power dynamic; but I speak from lots of experience when I say that spanking can still be very playful! Having a wriggling playmate squirming and yelping while on My lap can be exceptionally fun; especially in a hot role play scenario. For instance, me being a college student who caught the professor looking up my skirt only for me to turn the tables on him after class ;) For some men, spanking is all about getting hot and getting off- those perfectly timed pinches of pain can give a beautiful endorphin rush that cause some very happy feelings . . . or happy endings. With My explicit permission, of course. I adore indulging My sensual side with playful spanking scenes- but I can’t deny that I have a much darker, more sadistic side that I crave exploring with truly submissive men.

Spanking for Punishment

I believe there is a difference between a kinky playmate and a submissive- and I am delighted to play on both sides of the spectrum. That said; a spanking for punishment is something I view much differently within a strict, Domme/sub relationship. Having power gets Me off; and although Sadism is a massive turn on of Mine, it has it’s limits as well. A true punishment is meant to be painful. It is meant to teach My submissive right from wrong, and ensure that he does not make the same mistake twice in My presence. A punishment is not meant to be sexually enjoyable in My eyes- in fact, the only enjoyment that should be found within every crack of My paddle is knowing that you are one step closer to pleasing Me. A cock will often go flaccid during periods of intense pain; but I find that My submissives crawl back to Me throbbing and rock hard once the pain subsides, and My nurturing aftercare calms and makes their manhood a magnet to My power over their sexuality. I do believe that the punishment should always fit the infraction; and I expect My submissive to willingly accept the pain; the gift he is receiving from Me.  All BDSM play should always be entirely consensual, and I will always allow safewords even through the strictest punishments, because it’s important that I keep My submissive mentally, physically, and emotionally safe. That’s when I will allow a simple choice of continuing the punishment at another time, or negotiating a different punishment that I find sufficient, and that My sub is strong enough to handle at his stage of submission. Spanking for punishment is a catharsis for both Domme and sub- it is a learning experience, a maintenance of the D/s dynamic, and a sign of respect and devotion to Me. My devoted submissives should heed this advice: The part of any punishment that should hurt the most is knowing you have displeased Me in the first place.

Do you have a spanking fetish? Are you craving to be bent over a sensual, Cockteasing Mistresses knee for kinky fun- or are you a submissive in need of a Strict Domina and a cathartic punishment? Share in the comments so we can get started on warming up that tush!

XOXO- Mistress Marilyn


A Creepy Crawly Cocktober Carnival

Your trip to Ms. Gemma’s Temple of Desire must have gotten you quite flustered, given the blush in your cheeks and the rush of your breath. Your heart races as you stumble about our carnival; still reeling from the utter humiliation of a room full of gorgeous women laughing at your misfortune. As you desperately search for a way out of our wicked maze of torments and treats, you hear the howl of a wolf calling in the distance. Frozen with fear, you stop right in your tracks- eyes desperately darting about, searching for any place to hide, anywhere that you may find shelter and safety from the horrors that await you.

Between a brush of trees, you see a cabin emitting an orange, peaceful glow. Taking one last look around, you know it’s your best chance to take cover while you still can. Sprinting toward the door, you knock until your knuckles begin to bruise, begging and pleading to be invited into a safe haven. If only you had a clue what you were getting yourself into  . . . .

The Lady of the House

CocktoberFestCarnivalPanting; you stumble and fall to your knees in exhaustion as the cabin door creaks open. In a haze, you   look up to see the kind stranger that was willing to show you mercy on the most twisted evening of your existence thus far. Your jaw drops as you take in the view- expecting something much different, your gaze washes over a gorgeous, fair skinned, dark haired beauty with lips painted in crimson red. Her slender arms graced with black lace lead your eyes to her stunning porcelain cleavage- barely covered by the black satin that continues to curve her waist into the most perfect hourglass you’ve ever seen; finishing in a short, silky skirt. Her creamy thighs are covered in fishnet; and such a beautiful contrast of sheer black on flesh can’t help but draw your eyes to her lace up, stiletto heeled thigh high leather boots. As you take in her exquisite beauty, you manage to stutter out a “Thank you”; mentioning that you’ve just heard the most horrific noise and have been searching for a safe place to escape to all night. As your gothic Goddess looks down upon you, the sweetest smile graces her luscious red lips. “It’s a good thing you found me” she says; offering her hand to help you to your feet.  “Why don’t you come inside and have a seat? You sure look like you could use a bit of relaxation . . . .” she chuckles to herself. You shuffle your feet across the dusty and warped wooden floor, making your way to a seat at the table. Feeling lightheaded, you rest your forehead on your arm allowing your heavy eyes to close as you catch your breath. The warmth of the room begins to calm you, and you hear a faint bubbling noise in the background that you hope are the makings of a nice, romantic dinner with such a beautiful woman. It’s only when you feel a little tickle on your hand that you jolt yourself upright; yelping at the shiny, spindly black spider that scuttles over your flesh. The woman walks over to you with incredible grace in her stiletto boots, giggling amusingly. “Oh, did you finally meet one of my many pets? I wouldn’t worry about him too much- in fact, he typically likes to take a seat right on the tip of my hat!” She reaches over your shoulder, dusting off her satin, pointy witches’ hat and places it daintily atop her head. “Looks like I forgot the most important part of my wardrobe!” she cackles, revealing her true nature . . . .

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

“Oh, don’t look so scared. Though I have decided to play with you however I see fit, I may decide to be slightly more merciful than the other ladies you’ve encountered tonight. That said; it’s only fair that I should introduce myself before I have my fun with you. I’m Sorceress Marilyn, and I happen to be a woman of many magical talents. Amongst my power of being able to seduce any man I please, I also happen to have telekinetic capabilities as well as a vast repertoire of transfiguration abilities.” You shift nervously in your seat, finally noticing that the bubbling you heard earlier was coming from none other than a cast iron cauldron. “Wait . . . .” you stammer- “Play with me however you see fit?” Sorceress Marilyn’s sweet giggle returns as she responds “Yes, my dear. However I please. And right about now, I think the sweet, corruptible gentleman in my grasp is asking too many questions when I’m ready to get to the action.” With a flick of her fingertip, you’re up on your feet- and to your surprise, your cock sprung up just as quickly as you did. One swipe of her delicate arm through the air, and the table is cleared- all except for the straps and cuffs connected to all four legs. The Sorceress gently touches your shoulder as you feel the magical sparks of her fingertips bring a tingle to your flesh. She begins to speak . . . . “Are you going to climb up on the table where you belong, or am I going to have to put you there?”

Putting you In your Rightful Place

With your nerves already have gotten the best of you, Sorceress Marilyn seizes the opportunity to take ultimate control- and with a slight pulling motion of her hand, she also seizes every bit of clothing right off your body. Within the blink of an eye, her telekinetic powers throw you onto the table lying on your back. The cuffs instantly snake around your wrists and buckle nice and tight- leaving every inch of your sensitive, tingling flesh exposed, helpless, and vulnerable to her every whim. She pounces on you- her silky panties grinding against your throbbing hard cock as she begins to tickle and tease your nipples. “Mmm, sensitive little nipples for me to play with, aren’t they?” she teases, before sending an electric spark through her fingertips and giving you the shock of a lifetime. Wriggling down your body, she begins to poke and prod at your armpits, your hips, your tummy, and your thighs finding every little ticklish spot that makes you squirm. A devious smile covers her face as two feathers fly over to tickle your armpits; and you thrash and writhe as far as your restraints will allow you to as her fingertips mercilessly tickle your hips. You struggle to catch your breath begging “Please! Please no more tickling! I can’t take it!” Sorceress Marilyn giggles delightfully, clearly gaining true pleasure from your torment- but she has more tricks up her sleeve for you. “Aww, is all that tickling too much for a big strong man like you to handle?” she asks. “Yes!” you exclaim, hoping for just an ounce of mercy. Raising an eyebrow, it looks like your Sorceress has come up with an idea- and you know that could be dangerous for you. “Ok”, she says slyly, “I promise I won’t tickle you anymore- but be warned. I may not tickle you, but I can still terrify you. Besides, I do have ways of working around my promises, dear.”

Tricks, Treats, and Tickle Torment

Spooky MarilynYour body twitches in anticipation as the Sorceress drops the feathers to the floor, and snakes her way back up your body to drape herself over you. Her warmth, her beauty, and her embrace are a welcome comfort that causes your heart rate to return to normal. Smiling to herself; she knows you’ll never expect what’s coming next. With your eyes closed, the silky texture of her dress feels as if it’s being dissolved over your skin; only to be replaced with hundreds of tickling, squirming pinpricks all over your body. As your eyes pop open and you begin to squirm and writhe again, you take in the view of your flesh with dozens of hairy, horrifying, gigantic tarantulas crawling over you- their large, venomous fangs threatening to bite with every single twitch of your muscles. You let out a scream of sheer terror, and Sorceress Marilyn’s voice rings out to you . . . . “Be careful what you wish for. I promise I won’t bite as long as you’re a good boy . . . . “

What tricks and treats await you at the next stop of the Cocktober Carnival? Head over to Mistress Delia’s Blog on Halloween and find out! Meanwhile, you won’t want to miss the Cocktober Celebration on Cock Radio hosted by Ms. Delia at 9pmEST tonight when she’ll wrap up the Carnival and seal your Cocktober fate ;)

XOXO- Mistress Marilyn


A Figure Skating Tease


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My Love Affair with Stockings


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The D/s Connection


BDSM has been a lifestyle, a passion, and a sexy hobby of mine for the past six years of my life. Within that time- both in my personal life and here at LDW- I’ve gotten to explore so many in-depth fetishes and fantasies that I consider myself a completely satisfied Mistress most . . . → Read More: The D/s Connection


Finding Mistress Marilyn


Oh where oh where has Ms. Marilyn been, oh where oh where has she been? Well, now that I have that song stuck in your head for the next few days, I’ll quit teasing and tell you what’s up- aside from your cock After my beautifully kinky birthday fun, technology decided to . . . → Read More: Finding Mistress Marilyn


A Mistress Birthday Spanking


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