Spanking: Play or Punishment?

Welcome back, subbies and playmates! It’s turning out to be a cold winter, but if there’s one thing that keeps Me warm- it’s warming up your bottom ;) Spanking has always been a favorite fetish of Mine; and that’s mainly because of the diversity and artistry in the activity itself. It can start with a hot slap on the ass during a sexy bedroom romp, or it can be a severe punishment within a D/s relationship. I could have you bent over My knee, or I could cuff you to a spanking bench while reminding you of your infractions with every smack. The possibilities truly are endless, but when it comes down to it- a spanking fetish is either about kinky play, or about true punishment.

Spanking in Kinky Play

Vanilla, Domme, or sub- lots of people like to get their spank on every once in a while! When people dabble in BDSM, I find that the first three things they typically try are bondage, blindfolds, and light spanking- just to sexily experiment with power play. For fetishists, the need to get a firm paddling delves a bit deeper into the power dynamic; but I speak from lots of experience when I say that spanking can still be very playful! Having a wriggling playmate squirming and yelping while on My lap can be exceptionally fun; especially in a hot role play scenario. For instance, me being a college student who caught the professor looking up my skirt only for me to turn the tables on him after class ;) For some men, spanking is all about getting hot and getting off- those perfectly timed pinches of pain can give a beautiful endorphin rush that cause some very happy feelings . . . or happy endings. With My explicit permission, of course. I adore indulging My sensual side with playful spanking scenes- but I can’t deny that I have a much darker, more sadistic side that I crave exploring with truly submissive men.

Spanking for Punishment

I believe there is a difference between a kinky playmate and a submissive- and I am delighted to play on both sides of the spectrum. That said; a spanking for punishment is something I view much differently within a strict, Domme/sub relationship. Having power gets Me off; and although Sadism is a massive turn on of Mine, it has it’s limits as well. A true punishment is meant to be painful. It is meant to teach My submissive right from wrong, and ensure that he does not make the same mistake twice in My presence. A punishment is not meant to be sexually enjoyable in My eyes- in fact, the only enjoyment that should be found within every crack of My paddle is knowing that you are one step closer to pleasing Me. A cock will often go flaccid during periods of intense pain; but I find that My submissives crawl back to Me throbbing and rock hard once the pain subsides, and My nurturing aftercare calms and makes their manhood a magnet to My power over their sexuality. I do believe that the punishment should always fit the infraction; and I expect My submissive to willingly accept the pain; the gift he is receiving from Me.  All BDSM play should always be entirely consensual, and I will always allow safewords even through the strictest punishments, because it’s important that I keep My submissive mentally, physically, and emotionally safe. That’s when I will allow a simple choice of continuing the punishment at another time, or negotiating a different punishment that I find sufficient, and that My sub is strong enough to handle at his stage of submission. Spanking for punishment is a catharsis for both Domme and sub- it is a learning experience, a maintenance of the D/s dynamic, and a sign of respect and devotion to Me. My devoted submissives should heed this advice: The part of any punishment that should hurt the most is knowing you have displeased Me in the first place.

Do you have a spanking fetish? Are you craving to be bent over a sensual, Cockteasing Mistresses knee for kinky fun- or are you a submissive in need of a Strict Domina and a cathartic punishment? Share in the comments so we can get started on warming up that tush!

XOXO- Mistress Marilyn


A Creepy Crawly Cocktober Carnival

Your trip to Ms. Gemma’s Temple of Desire must have gotten you quite flustered, given the blush in your cheeks and the rush of your breath. Your heart races as you stumble about our carnival; still reeling from the utter humiliation of a room full of gorgeous women laughing at your misfortune. As you desperately search for a way out of our wicked maze of torments and treats, you hear the howl of a wolf calling in the distance. Frozen with fear, you stop right in your tracks- eyes desperately darting about, searching for any place to hide, anywhere that you may find shelter and safety from the horrors that await you.

Between a brush of trees, you see a cabin emitting an orange, peaceful glow. Taking one last look around, you know it’s your best chance to take cover while you still can. Sprinting toward the door, you knock until your knuckles begin to bruise, begging and pleading to be invited into a safe haven. If only you had a clue what you were getting yourself into  . . . .

The Lady of the House

CocktoberFestCarnivalPanting; you stumble and fall to your knees in exhaustion as the cabin door creaks open. In a haze, you   look up to see the kind stranger that was willing to show you mercy on the most twisted evening of your existence thus far. Your jaw drops as you take in the view- expecting something much different, your gaze washes over a gorgeous, fair skinned, dark haired beauty with lips painted in crimson red. Her slender arms graced with black lace lead your eyes to her stunning porcelain cleavage- barely covered by the black satin that continues to curve her waist into the most perfect hourglass you’ve ever seen; finishing in a short, silky skirt. Her creamy thighs are covered in fishnet; and such a beautiful contrast of sheer black on flesh can’t help but draw your eyes to her lace up, stiletto heeled thigh high leather boots. As you take in her exquisite beauty, you manage to stutter out a “Thank you”; mentioning that you’ve just heard the most horrific noise and have been searching for a safe place to escape to all night. As your gothic Goddess looks down upon you, the sweetest smile graces her luscious red lips. “It’s a good thing you found me” she says; offering her hand to help you to your feet.  “Why don’t you come inside and have a seat? You sure look like you could use a bit of relaxation . . . .” she chuckles to herself. You shuffle your feet across the dusty and warped wooden floor, making your way to a seat at the table. Feeling lightheaded, you rest your forehead on your arm allowing your heavy eyes to close as you catch your breath. The warmth of the room begins to calm you, and you hear a faint bubbling noise in the background that you hope are the makings of a nice, romantic dinner with such a beautiful woman. It’s only when you feel a little tickle on your hand that you jolt yourself upright; yelping at the shiny, spindly black spider that scuttles over your flesh. The woman walks over to you with incredible grace in her stiletto boots, giggling amusingly. “Oh, did you finally meet one of my many pets? I wouldn’t worry about him too much- in fact, he typically likes to take a seat right on the tip of my hat!” She reaches over your shoulder, dusting off her satin, pointy witches’ hat and places it daintily atop her head. “Looks like I forgot the most important part of my wardrobe!” she cackles, revealing her true nature . . . .

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

“Oh, don’t look so scared. Though I have decided to play with you however I see fit, I may decide to be slightly more merciful than the other ladies you’ve encountered tonight. That said; it’s only fair that I should introduce myself before I have my fun with you. I’m Sorceress Marilyn, and I happen to be a woman of many magical talents. Amongst my power of being able to seduce any man I please, I also happen to have telekinetic capabilities as well as a vast repertoire of transfiguration abilities.” You shift nervously in your seat, finally noticing that the bubbling you heard earlier was coming from none other than a cast iron cauldron. “Wait . . . .” you stammer- “Play with me however you see fit?” Sorceress Marilyn’s sweet giggle returns as she responds “Yes, my dear. However I please. And right about now, I think the sweet, corruptible gentleman in my grasp is asking too many questions when I’m ready to get to the action.” With a flick of her fingertip, you’re up on your feet- and to your surprise, your cock sprung up just as quickly as you did. One swipe of her delicate arm through the air, and the table is cleared- all except for the straps and cuffs connected to all four legs. The Sorceress gently touches your shoulder as you feel the magical sparks of her fingertips bring a tingle to your flesh. She begins to speak . . . . “Are you going to climb up on the table where you belong, or am I going to have to put you there?”

Putting you In your Rightful Place

With your nerves already have gotten the best of you, Sorceress Marilyn seizes the opportunity to take ultimate control- and with a slight pulling motion of her hand, she also seizes every bit of clothing right off your body. Within the blink of an eye, her telekinetic powers throw you onto the table lying on your back. The cuffs instantly snake around your wrists and buckle nice and tight- leaving every inch of your sensitive, tingling flesh exposed, helpless, and vulnerable to her every whim. She pounces on you- her silky panties grinding against your throbbing hard cock as she begins to tickle and tease your nipples. “Mmm, sensitive little nipples for me to play with, aren’t they?” she teases, before sending an electric spark through her fingertips and giving you the shock of a lifetime. Wriggling down your body, she begins to poke and prod at your armpits, your hips, your tummy, and your thighs finding every little ticklish spot that makes you squirm. A devious smile covers her face as two feathers fly over to tickle your armpits; and you thrash and writhe as far as your restraints will allow you to as her fingertips mercilessly tickle your hips. You struggle to catch your breath begging “Please! Please no more tickling! I can’t take it!” Sorceress Marilyn giggles delightfully, clearly gaining true pleasure from your torment- but she has more tricks up her sleeve for you. “Aww, is all that tickling too much for a big strong man like you to handle?” she asks. “Yes!” you exclaim, hoping for just an ounce of mercy. Raising an eyebrow, it looks like your Sorceress has come up with an idea- and you know that could be dangerous for you. “Ok”, she says slyly, “I promise I won’t tickle you anymore- but be warned. I may not tickle you, but I can still terrify you. Besides, I do have ways of working around my promises, dear.”

Tricks, Treats, and Tickle Torment

Spooky MarilynYour body twitches in anticipation as the Sorceress drops the feathers to the floor, and snakes her way back up your body to drape herself over you. Her warmth, her beauty, and her embrace are a welcome comfort that causes your heart rate to return to normal. Smiling to herself; she knows you’ll never expect what’s coming next. With your eyes closed, the silky texture of her dress feels as if it’s being dissolved over your skin; only to be replaced with hundreds of tickling, squirming pinpricks all over your body. As your eyes pop open and you begin to squirm and writhe again, you take in the view of your flesh with dozens of hairy, horrifying, gigantic tarantulas crawling over you- their large, venomous fangs threatening to bite with every single twitch of your muscles. You let out a scream of sheer terror, and Sorceress Marilyn’s voice rings out to you . . . . “Be careful what you wish for. I promise I won’t bite as long as you’re a good boy . . . . “

What tricks and treats await you at the next stop of the Cocktober Carnival? Head over to Mistress Delia’s Blog on Halloween and find out! Meanwhile, you won’t want to miss the Cocktober Celebration on Cock Radio hosted by Ms. Delia at 9pmEST tonight when she’ll wrap up the Carnival and seal your Cocktober fate ;)

XOXO- Mistress Marilyn


A Figure Skating Tease

Welcome back, subbies and kinksters! While many of my subs and playmates know that I’ve spent most of my life on the ice, a select few of you have yet to find out that I’m not just a Mistress Cocktease- I’m a Cocktease on Ice, too ;) One of my favorite things about skating aside from how delicious it makes my muscles feel is the fact that Figure Skaters have more than one way to tease the guys at the rink- and on that note, more than a few ways to tease you ;)

What to Wear when Teasing on Ice

Mistress MarilynSince I’m no longer a competitive skater, I have but two skating dresses left to wear. One is a black, velour cross-back dress with a touch of silver glitter and a very short, fluttery skirt. The other is a sleeveless, stretch satin dress in a deep plum color featuring that same little skirt! Though my stems do look incredible in my gloss skating tights, I decided to wear a little something different for my most recent practice session ;) After slipping into a black thong with lace trim along the hips; I covered my perky 34B’s with my favorite black demi bra. Next, I slipped my skintight, black capri leggings with the black lace trim over my smooth legs- knowing that trim would peek out nicely from my skating boots. To finish off my teasing outfit, I wore a tight black tank top as a layer under a cropped, dark grey, off-the-shoulder sweatshirt. The banded bottom clung right to the shape of my sexy hips; and it was just low cut enough to show off a hint of cleavage. With every spin, jump, twist, and turn of my skating session it clung to that teensy waist of mine so very nicely. I actually lost count of the number of jaws I saw drop while the hot hockey players watching me got a view of just how flexible I am ;)

Why are Figure Skaters so Sexy?

There’s more than a few reasons why us Figure Skaters are more than capable of teasing your cock ;) To start with, we’re either in short, teensy little skating dresses or nice, tight leggings for practice wear. Because skating tights are designed specifically to keep our sexy legs warm, that also means we get to keep wearing our short skirts all though the winter without even catching a chill! Skating has taught me so much about how my body moves and all the gorgeous things it can do. It’s given me the most elegant and graceful step in even the tallest, single sole stilettos due to impeccable balance- and you’ve gotta love a Woman in heels ;) In training for my Beillmann spiral, I had to be flexible enough to do the splits in order to pull my skate overhead so that my arms, leg, and back formed the perfect teardrop shape- and this also happens to be one of my favorite positions to slide my stockings off my legs in a CFNM lingerie striptease that still keeps all the pretty, pink bits covered ;) Last but not least, it’s ice skating- it’s cold, which automatically means that my nipples are gorgeously hard during every skate. Don’t you just wish you could worship them and warm them up with your tongue after my practice? ;)

Now that I have you nice and teased, I’ll leave you with a little confession of mine: if someone else doesn’t do it, someday, I will direct the porn flick titled “Hard Nipples: Sex on Ice” :D

Do you have a fetish for Figure Skaters? Do the teensy little skating dresses and tight leggings tease you senseless- or is it the flexible positions we can get into what makes you throb? Share in the comments!

XOXO- Mistress Marilyn


My Love Affair with Stockings

Mmm . . . . don’t you just throb in your pants when you see a pair of stocking-clad stems walking down the street? A nice tight dress and a pair of wicked tall stiletto heels certainly help, but let’s face it- few things can top the sexiness of knowing that a Woman’s legs are soft as silk while she hides a classic suspender belt under her dress . . . only for the shape of the garter clips to give away her secret ;) This week, I’ve decided to indulge you a bit by telling you all about my personal adoration of stockings. After all, you know the more I get to tease you, the happier (and hornier) I am!

It All Started with the FFS

StockingCladLegsTo this day, I still adore my fishnet hold-ups- but I never knew the true decadence of 100% nylon until TeaseToy sent a little surprise to my doorstep. In the envelope, I found a pair of Fully Fashioned stockings, and of course I had to try them on the moment I saw them! Kicking off my heels, I gently rolled the stockings and slipped them over my toes, aligning the gorgeous Cuban heel up the back of my ankles. The silkiness of the sheer, black nylon already had my panties slippery as I slid them up my legs; straightening the seam as I went along. They were a perfect fit, and the sexy black welt looked incredible next to the creamy, porcelain flesh of my thighs. The beautiful finishing loop at the top of the seam was a detail I quite liked- and soon became addicted to. The stretch, “retro-seamed” stockings of today are a style I still enjoy; but the fact is that nothing beats true retro glamour.

An Eye for Glamour, an Eye for Detail

The sexiness of nylon stockings became timeless due to the pinup girls of the 40’s and 50’s that men today still lust over. Being a stocking fetishist myself, I delight in the details that make the men around me do a double take ;) It could be the wrinkle of the Cuban heel in a pair of pumps- or the picots that help perfectly shape the nylon around my gorgeous, taut legs. With my RHT stockings- I just love taking them out of the envelope. Ever so sheer; if it weren’t for the reinforced heel and toe as well as the welt- even the leg of a black pair looks nearly invisible in the air. On my legs; the sheen of the nylon might give away my sexy secret- or it could be the fact that no pair of modern, stretch stockings could match the delightful sheerness of 7 Denier RHT’s ;)

A Retro Tease

MarilynsStockingsAll I have to do is twirl my ankle to let a man see the little wrinkle of the nylon. I’ve learned quite a few tricks on being a stocking clad cocktease, and I do adore using those tricks to my advantage. My latest tease is a little something I learned from Bettie Page- who really needs hold ups when I could use garters or even rubber bands to hold up my Fully Fashioned stockings? I bet you’d just love to watch me stretch out my beautiful legs, sliding the garters over those gorgeous stems and daintily folding over the welt . . .  but I think that’s enough of a tease for now ;)

Do you have a Stocking Fetish? Which type of stockings are your favorite- and how much would you adore the opportunity to worship my stockings in a kinky phone fantasy? Share in the comments ;)

XOXO- Mistress Marilyn


The D/s Connection

BDSM has been a lifestyle, a passion, and a sexy hobby of mine for the past six years of my life. Within that time- both in my personal life and here at LDW- I’ve gotten to explore so many in-depth fetishes and fantasies that I consider myself a completely satisfied Mistress most of the time; but at the end of the day, I will always be wanting more;) After some time of getting to know each other on a friendly level, I’ve recently begun training a new personal submissive- and connecting with him has reminded me of so many beautiful facets within a D/s connection. The point is that connecting with each other is where it all begins, and that’s something worth talking about ;)

Person to Person

You know the feeling- looking into someone’s eyes, talking with them for a whole of ten minutes and you feel like you’ve known them forever. The way your spine tingles when you accidently bump elbows because of that split second of skin on skin contact. On my calls, it might be a gasp in your breath in reaction to something I say, or the way my voice melts into you that brings us deliciously closer. Things like this don’t only happen in the vanilla world- and I think that’s because for many of us, we like to connect with a potential playmate as a person first, and as a sub or Domme secondly. I personally consider this to be BDSM foreplay- to get to know a man’s personality, uncover his desires, and learn his limits; to set the groundwork for a trusting relationship so he can give himself to me a little bit at a time . . . until I own him entirely. That vulnerability is a very sexy thing, and it sets the stage for many kinky scenes to come.

Mistress to submissive

Although I have lots of fun corrupting new submissives on my calls, most of the playmates I’ve had in my personal life had already explored BDSM to a degree. Because of this, “starting slow” with someone tends to be a relative process. That said, the fact is that the sexual tension you feel as I explore the darkest corners of your mind is only going to further your submission to me. Playing with my new sub has certainly whet my appetite for enjoying that tension with my playmates and submissives here; because what starts as a person to person connection will inevitably become something much kinkier and sexier along the way.  The best part of a long term D/s relationship is the journey of becoming the best submissive you can be to your Mistress- and it all starts with a humble “hello” ;)

What are your thoughts on the D/s connection and the intimacy that surrounds it? Share in the comments.

XOXO- Mistress Marilyn


Finding Mistress Marilyn


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A Mistress Birthday Spanking


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Makeup for The Sissy Soiree


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