A Mistress Interview with Mistress Marilyn

Happy Monday, subbies and kinksters! This week, I have a particularly special treat for your ears ;) When I first started with LDW, I’d done a Mistress Interview with the lovely Ms Tia- but I thought that four years later, I was due for a Mistress Interview update. Luckily, the very sexy Ms Constance took the time to sit down with Me and ask Me some very interesting questions . . .

Stocking Clad MarilynThe Kinky Questions

Of course, there’s going to be some kinky questions involved when interviewing a Femdom! My writings on My blog do give quite a bit of insight as to what a beautifully kinky life entails while I’m away- but this interview gets to the down and dirty details. Am I more sensual or more strict? Which sex toy can give Me the most explosive orgasms, and what exactly is so special about it? Which qualities do I value the most in My submissives- and do I like vanilla sex at all or am I all Femdom all the time? I’m not about to give away those answers just yet, though ;)

The Quirky Questions

Thanks to the quirky fellows over at our Enchantrix Empire social network (if you haven’t joined, get there! You’re missing out on sexy fun!)- there were a few eclectic questions in the bunch that certainly kept Me on My toes :D You might just meet Marilyn the Existentialist; or find out My advice on convincing your Mistress why a properly fitted chastity device is necessary. Should you happen to hear about My love of high heels, stockings, and My new hobby in corsetry; you might be too teased to get into a chastity device yourself too soon though! Aww, is your cock or clitty throbbing for Me already? I thought so. Now let’s keep it that way ;)

Without further ado, listen to My new Mistress Interview with Empress Constance!

If you have any questions that weren’t answered in the interview, leave Me a comment and you just might get your answer ;) Tune in next week to see what kinky thoughts are on My naughty mind then . . .

XOXO- Mistress Marilyn


Sexual Tension and Kinky Temptation Part 2

In My last post, Sexual Tension and Kinky Temptation- I left you with quite the boner cliffhanger as I ordered My lover to strip and get into the shower for Me. Since I kept you on the edge a week longer than usual- I’m going to make part 2 even sexier with all the naughty details! Aren’t you lucky to get such a treat? Of course you are- but My lover was much luckier ;)

Building the Tension

I walked into a room filled with steam- his gorgeous body and fully erect cock making quite the teasing shadow through the frosted glass shower doors. With My heels off, I’d tiptoed in- wondering if he could see My body as I pulled My blouse over My head, flicked My bra off, and dropped My skinny jeans and panties to the floor. I slowly opened the shower door; only to meet his lustful gaze as I stepped inside. He leaned down to kiss Me and I let him- until I bit his lip, then made My way down to licking and nibbling his sensitive nipples. He moaned for more, so I grabbed his exquisitely enticing manhood and began to stroke him . . . . until I slipped the tip right against My clit- reminding him that the Lady always cums first ;)

Getting Me Wet

MarilynSitting down at the bottom of the tub, I rested My back and spread My legs- telling him that he knows where he belongs. His tongue was exceptionally pleasing; and that pleasure only doubled when his fingers found that special spot inside My sweet pussy :D Not many men get to fuck Me because most are unworthy- and even fewer have ever experienced the pleasures My mouth is capable of giving- but he and I are a little bit different just because of our history together ;) After I had two mind blowing orgasms, I made him a deal; considering he has always adored My feet. I told him that if he could manage to give Me an exceptional foot rub- working the tension out of the arches and tenderly rubbing the balls of My feet and the joints in My daintily pedicured toes- I would give him a treat . . .

An Elusive Kinky Reward

The foot rub was incredible; proving him to be a delightful foot fetishist when he ended the massage by sucking My toes. I’ll admit it- I wanted to ride that incredible cock! I really, truly did. That said; I know that when I control the cock, I control the man- so I wasn’t about to give up that treat so easily. Instead, I told him to turn the faucet on and fill the tub about halfway. We switched our positions so that he could lie down in the tub with Me kneeling between his legs. That’s when I got to the real tease, asking him “Would you like to place a bet on how long I can hold My breath?” – and I know you know how things progressed from that point! Teasing him right to the very edge, I stopped before he blew his load. I gently grazed his face with My hand, looking him right in the eye. “You won’t be cumming for the next five days. On day five, you may blow that load- I’ll want your stamina back by day seven in case I decide to take you for a ride our next time around” . . . . Needless to say, he just might end up becoming My new Cuckold Stud :D

Stay tuned for My next post featuring My new Mistress Interview with Empress Constance! Meanwhile, share in the comments if you’ve ever had a vanilla experience that ended up turning into a much kinkier evening than you’d expected it to!

Have a Kinky Week ;)

XOXO- Mistress Marilyn


Sexual Tension and Kinky Temptation

It’s not often that I take a break from My kinky Lifestyle- but certain occasions do warrant an exception ;) The line “reunited and it feels so good” has been playing in My head since the weekend, and that’s because I’ve recently connected with a past lover I met when I was 19 years old. There was an immediate attraction- I was dressed in knee high, lace up wedge boots over tight black leggings and wearing a patent leather, mid-thigh length trench coat that was belted at the waist. He was very smooth- towering over Me at 6’1; he was the tall, dark and handsome type. Luscious, full lips that I couldn’t wait to kiss- and those dark, soulful eyes that I could get lost in oh so very easily. That attraction is still there today- but I’m also a much kinkier Woman than I was back then . . . .

Take Me for a Ride

After having a couple of drinks before I hopped in his car, My inhibitions were null and void. Just to hold his hand and feel his skin against Mine again was enough to get My pussy twitching. The flirting began, and so did the chat about My current Lifestyle- informing him that in order to get sexy with Me, he would have to be open to some kinky fun- even if that meant keeping My prowess in the most sensual of realms. I began to describe some of the fetishes I thought he might enjoy; like worshiping My stockings and heels, or massaging My body under very particular instruction. The tent in his jeans was impossible to hide- and oh My, what an impressive tent it was ;)

I Know Who I Want to Take Me Home

It didn’t take long for the sexual tension to build up to an unbearable point. The only way he was able to keep his hands off Me was by keeping them on the wheel as he drove back to My place. Within a split second of getting through the door; his hands were tangled in My hair, and My fingers were running up and down his spine as we shared a passionate kiss- and I couldn’t resist sucking on his tongue just to tease him. By the time we were in the kitchen we were grinding against each other hard enough to qualify as dry humping- but I intended to have more fun with him than that! I wanted to have My fun, My way. That’s when I pushed him up against the wall; grabbed the back of his neck, and pulled his ear close enough to My lips to hear Me whisper:  “I want your clothes off. Now. Then, you’re going to get into the shower and start the hot water running for Me . . .”

Just what naughty fun did he and I get into in the shower? You’ll have to tune in next week to find out those sexy details! Meanwhile, I bet you’ve had some experiences with hot and heavy sexual tension of your own- and I dare you to share in the comments!

Have a sexy week ;)

XOXO- Mistress Marilyn


Meet My Strap On Cocks

Happy Monday, subbies and butt sluts! You must know by now that this Strap On Femdom absolutely adores claiming your ass (or sissy pussy, for that matter). Those of you who have enjoyed some ass play sessions with Me do know a bit about My favorite strap on cocks- but they still have yet to experience the entire list ;) Knowing how many different dildos I have for My harnesses can bring a beautiful level of realism to a roleplay scene as I whore you out to each and every one. For those of you who love real time ass play, I’m intrigued to find out how many of My strap on cocks hold a resemblance to those you love fucking your ass with! It’s time to spread your cheeks . . .

My Favorite Strap On Cocks

MarilynThe Anal Starter- This toy, made by Doc Johnson, comes in quite a few colors and varieties- and variations of it have been made by other companies. The Anal Starter is the perfect ass toy for an anal newbie- it’s not much thicker than your middle finger, and with only 5 inches of insertable length and a flared, suction cup base- you can take quite a pounding while still being hot, horny, and comfortable! This little guy only works when I use My bondage rope for a harness; but if you get your own, make sure to stick that suction cup base well to the floor or wall before you start thrusting away!

Jax 1- This is My teal blue, TPE 6 incher with a great set of balls for My harnesses! It’s a softer toy, so your first thrust in has to be a slow one- after that, the fun begins! The wide ridge at the shaft is great for teasing your p-spot for those into prostate stimulation; and the veiny texture certainly adds to the sexy sensations.     This toy is for My middle ground butt sluts because it’s not too big and not too small-  it’s just right ;)

Jax 2- This 6 inch strap on cock is equipped with both balls and a suction cup- great for strap on play, or for bouncing on it alone! The catch is- Jax 2 is not a small toy. He’s the thickest toy I have, which is great to stretch an aching ass or sissy pussy with. For those who love girth more than length, this one’s for you sweetheart :D

Mr. Purple- The most notorious strap on cock I own! Mr. Purple stands a whopping 9 inches long, insertable down to a nice, hefty set of balls. Much like Jax 1; Mr. Purple is at his thickest at that nice, wide ridge where the head meets the shaft. All 9 inches have a deliciously veined texture to make you beg for more, and My anal size queens get both length and thickness out of this one! Mmm fucking hmm.

Strap On Play Safety

Whether playing with your own toys in our session, or playing by yourself or with your real time Mistress- safety is important in anal play! Getting your ass or sissy pussy fucked can be uncomfortable at best, but it should never be painful. You can use a set of butt plugs to begin training your ass before moving on to the dildos ;) After that, if you try to insert a dildo and feel your ass clenching and cramping- it’s too big for now! Go a size down, and work your way up over time. Cleanliness is also a very important factor in anal play. Silicone toys can be sterilized with isopropyl alcohol after a good wash- just make sure they’re completely covered with the alcohol, and make sure it ALL evaporates before rinsing your toy for it’s next use. The evaporation is how your toy gets clean- so don’t skip it! If you’re still working with rubber, PVC, or TPE toys- ALWAYS cover these toys with a condom! These materials are porous, so a condom followed by a wash with soap and a thorough rinse is the best way to keep your toys safe and clean. Lastly, lube is an absolute must with anal play. If you’re covering plastic and rubber toys with a condom, silicone lube is amazing for anal play because it stays very slick and seldom needs reapplication as long as you used lots of lube in the first place. For bareback use with silicone toys, DO NOT use silicone lube! It will break down and degrade your toy, and no one wants that. Instead, go for a high quality, water based lube- I Myself recommend Lelo brand lubricant, because Lelo is amazing and stays slick on silicone toys for quite a nice pounding ;)

Do you love taking a Mistresses Strap On Cock- and which one off My list is your favorite? If you’re an anal newbie curious to explore some more, will you be starting with a butt plug or a smaller dildo? Share in the comments, and if you need some extra teasing for your anal play fix- head on over to www.analtrainingphonesex.com to see how Mistress Delia has been playing with Jack’s ass :D

Have a Kinky Week ;)

XOXO- Mistress Marilyn


7 Signs of a Too Small Penis

Good evening kinksters and humiliation pets! Tonight, your cockteasing SPH Mistress is in a deep freeze- and since I’m huddled over My computer with My sweet nipples about to crack off, I decided to write a short post about short things ;) If you’ve ever wondered if your cock is too small to satisfy and find yourself getting all worked up at the thought of My gorgeous giggle ringing in your ears as I tell you My unedited opinion, this list is for you! As an added bonus, I’ll have you know that guys with a fetish for SPH do get a Humiliatrix like Me all worked up- and if you get Me worked up enough, you might even earn the chance to warm up My nipples even if you’ll never earn My warm, tight wetness wrapped around you ;)

How to Tell if your Dick is Too SmallMarilyn

  1. You’ve lost count of how many times a Woman has asked you “is it in yet?”
  2. Even worse, you’ve lost count of how many Women have walked away laughing the moment you got those boxer briefs off- and didn’t even get close enough to Her precious pussy for Her to have to ask “is it in yet?” ;)
  3. If My six and a half inch platform heels put your dick to shame; you know you’re in trouble if My five inch stiletto single soles for My teensy size five feet are still longer than your cock!
  4. If all it takes is your index, middle, and thumb fingers to stroke- that’s not a dick, it’s a dicklet :D
  5. If I ask you “so just how small is it?” and your answer begins with the word “about” followed by the number of inches- it’s too small. Rounding up to the next inch is such a cute tactic to attempt to gain My mercy that it never fails to amuse Me!
  6. When it’s been so long since you’ve had pussy that your pinch and stroke technique has you cumming 30 seconds into a good jack off. Can it get worse than having a tiny dick and being a premature ejaculator? Let’s find out . . . .
  7. When you realize you’re addicted to Small Penis Humiliation from a Mistress like Myself because having Me teach you to edge and hold in that load while I giggle in amusement is the hottest, closest thing to sex you’ve gotten for a few years now! You know it’s true ;)

Do you have a small dick and a fetish for SPH? Share in the comments, and tell Me some of the signs you’ve gotten that you have a dicklet instead of a cock (if they’re not on the list already) :D Keep warm so that dick doesn’t look any smaller than it already is, and have a kinky week!

XOXO- Mistress Marilyn


Temperature Play with Mistress Marilyn


Welcome back, subbies and kinksters! This week, I was going through my 30 pound bag of sex toys and implements in search of a few favorites. Upon finding My Japanese Drip Candles, it dawned on Me that it has been far too long since I’ve done any in-depth temperature play- including wax . . . → Read More: Temperature Play with Mistress Marilyn


Serving Up CBT Fun


You’ve fantasized about it before- coming home after a long, hard day at work to a delicious home cooked meal and your sexy girlfriend serving it up wearing nothing but a satin apron, matching black panties, and heels Now that I’ve got your cock nice and hard and those balls beginning to . . . → Read More: Serving Up CBT Fun


Feminine Curves for Sissies and Cross Dressers


Happy Monday sissies, girls, and panty boys! This week, your Mistress has decided to begin waist training with My favorite underbust corset to go for that curvy, vintage figure I’ve always dreamed of! Sure, My skating and on and off Taekwondo practice has Me trim and toned- but slim and toned is . . . → Read More: Feminine Curves for Sissies and Cross Dressers


Femdom Trampling Fun


Welcome back, subbies and naughty boys! Last week, I wrote about 5 Thoughts a Mistress Masturbates To; and it turns out that two sexy things off My list also correlate to this week’s fun: My heels and stockings, as well as indulging My Sadistic side Trampling has been a favorite fetish of . . . → Read More: Femdom Trampling Fun


5 Thoughts a Mistress Masturbates To


Happy Monday and Happy New Year, kinksters! This year, I’m back to brightening up your Monday evenings with a sexy new blog post each week. To kick off the sexiness, I’ve decided to chat about something that Mistresses, submissives, and playmates all enjoy- masturbation! Every Femdom is bound to have Her own . . . → Read More: 5 Thoughts a Mistress Masturbates To