A Figure Skating Tease

Welcome back, subbies and kinksters! While many of my subs and playmates know that I’ve spent most of my life on the ice, a select few of you have yet to find out that I’m not just a Mistress Cocktease- I’m a Cocktease on Ice, too ;) One of my favorite things about skating aside from how delicious it makes my muscles feel is the fact that Figure Skaters have more than one way to tease the guys at the rink- and on that note, more than a few ways to tease you ;)

What to Wear when Teasing on Ice

Mistress MarilynSince I’m no longer a competitive skater, I have but two skating dresses left to wear. One is a black, velour cross-back dress with a touch of silver glitter and a very short, fluttery skirt. The other is a sleeveless, stretch satin dress in a deep plum color featuring that same little skirt! Though my stems do look incredible in my gloss skating tights, I decided to wear a little something different for my most recent practice session ;) After slipping into a black thong with lace trim along the hips; I covered my perky 34B’s with my favorite black demi bra. Next, I slipped my skintight, black capri leggings with the black lace trim over my smooth legs- knowing that trim would peek out nicely from my skating boots. To finish off my teasing outfit, I wore a tight black tank top as a layer under a cropped, dark grey, off-the-shoulder sweatshirt. The banded bottom clung right to the shape of my sexy hips; and it was just low cut enough to show off a hint of cleavage. With every spin, jump, twist, and turn of my skating session it clung to that teensy waist of mine so very nicely. I actually lost count of the number of jaws I saw drop while the hot hockey players watching me got a view of just how flexible I am ;)

Why are Figure Skaters so Sexy?

There’s more than a few reasons why us Figure Skaters are more than capable of teasing your cock ;) To start with, we’re either in short, teensy little skating dresses or nice, tight leggings for practice wear. Because skating tights are designed specifically to keep our sexy legs warm, that also means we get to keep wearing our short skirts all though the winter without even catching a chill! Skating has taught me so much about how my body moves and all the gorgeous things it can do. It’s given me the most elegant and graceful step in even the tallest, single sole stilettos due to impeccable balance- and you’ve gotta love a Woman in heels ;) In training for my Beillmann spiral, I had to be flexible enough to do the splits in order to pull my skate overhead so that my arms, leg, and back formed the perfect teardrop shape- and this also happens to be one of my favorite positions to slide my stockings off my legs in a CFNM lingerie striptease that still keeps all the pretty, pink bits covered ;) Last but not least, it’s ice skating- it’s cold, which automatically means that my nipples are gorgeously hard during every skate. Don’t you just wish you could worship them and warm them up with your tongue after my practice? ;)

Now that I have you nice and teased, I’ll leave you with a little confession of mine: if someone else doesn’t do it, someday, I will direct the porn flick titled “Hard Nipples: Sex on Ice” :D

Do you have a fetish for Figure Skaters? Do the teensy little skating dresses and tight leggings tease you senseless- or is it the flexible positions we can get into what makes you throb? Share in the comments!

XOXO- Mistress Marilyn


My Love Affair with Stockings

Mmm . . . . don’t you just throb in your pants when you see a pair of stocking-clad stems walking down the street? A nice tight dress and a pair of wicked tall stiletto heels certainly help, but let’s face it- few things can top the sexiness of knowing that a Woman’s legs are soft as silk while she hides a classic suspender belt under her dress . . . only for the shape of the garter clips to give away her secret ;) This week, I’ve decided to indulge you a bit by telling you all about my personal adoration of stockings. After all, you know the more I get to tease you, the happier (and hornier) I am!

It All Started with the FFS

StockingCladLegsTo this day, I still adore my fishnet hold-ups- but I never knew the true decadence of 100% nylon until TeaseToy sent a little surprise to my doorstep. In the envelope, I found a pair of Fully Fashioned stockings, and of course I had to try them on the moment I saw them! Kicking off my heels, I gently rolled the stockings and slipped them over my toes, aligning the gorgeous Cuban heel up the back of my ankles. The silkiness of the sheer, black nylon already had my panties slippery as I slid them up my legs; straightening the seam as I went along. They were a perfect fit, and the sexy black welt looked incredible next to the creamy, porcelain flesh of my thighs. The beautiful finishing loop at the top of the seam was a detail I quite liked- and soon became addicted to. The stretch, “retro-seamed” stockings of today are a style I still enjoy; but the fact is that nothing beats true retro glamour.

An Eye for Glamour, an Eye for Detail

The sexiness of nylon stockings became timeless due to the pinup girls of the 40’s and 50’s that men today still lust over. Being a stocking fetishist myself, I delight in the details that make the men around me do a double take ;) It could be the wrinkle of the Cuban heel in a pair of pumps- or the picots that help perfectly shape the nylon around my gorgeous, taut legs. With my RHT stockings- I just love taking them out of the envelope. Ever so sheer; if it weren’t for the reinforced heel and toe as well as the welt- even the leg of a black pair looks nearly invisible in the air. On my legs; the sheen of the nylon might give away my sexy secret- or it could be the fact that no pair of modern, stretch stockings could match the delightful sheerness of 7 Denier RHT’s ;)

A Retro Tease

MarilynsStockingsAll I have to do is twirl my ankle to let a man see the little wrinkle of the nylon. I’ve learned quite a few tricks on being a stocking clad cocktease, and I do adore using those tricks to my advantage. My latest tease is a little something I learned from Bettie Page- who really needs hold ups when I could use garters or even rubber bands to hold up my Fully Fashioned stockings? I bet you’d just love to watch me stretch out my beautiful legs, sliding the garters over those gorgeous stems and daintily folding over the welt . . .  but I think that’s enough of a tease for now ;)

Do you have a Stocking Fetish? Which type of stockings are your favorite- and how much would you adore the opportunity to worship my stockings in a kinky phone fantasy? Share in the comments ;)

XOXO- Mistress Marilyn


The D/s Connection

BDSM has been a lifestyle, a passion, and a sexy hobby of mine for the past six years of my life. Within that time- both in my personal life and here at LDW- I’ve gotten to explore so many in-depth fetishes and fantasies that I consider myself a completely satisfied Mistress most of the time; but at the end of the day, I will always be wanting more;) After some time of getting to know each other on a friendly level, I’ve recently begun training a new personal submissive- and connecting with him has reminded me of so many beautiful facets within a D/s connection. The point is that connecting with each other is where it all begins, and that’s something worth talking about ;)

Person to Person

You know the feeling- looking into someone’s eyes, talking with them for a whole of ten minutes and you feel like you’ve known them forever. The way your spine tingles when you accidently bump elbows because of that split second of skin on skin contact. On my calls, it might be a gasp in your breath in reaction to something I say, or the way my voice melts into you that brings us deliciously closer. Things like this don’t only happen in the vanilla world- and I think that’s because for many of us, we like to connect with a potential playmate as a person first, and as a sub or Domme secondly. I personally consider this to be BDSM foreplay- to get to know a man’s personality, uncover his desires, and learn his limits; to set the groundwork for a trusting relationship so he can give himself to me a little bit at a time . . . until I own him entirely. That vulnerability is a very sexy thing, and it sets the stage for many kinky scenes to come.

Mistress to submissive

Although I have lots of fun corrupting new submissives on my calls, most of the playmates I’ve had in my personal life had already explored BDSM to a degree. Because of this, “starting slow” with someone tends to be a relative process. That said, the fact is that the sexual tension you feel as I explore the darkest corners of your mind is only going to further your submission to me. Playing with my new sub has certainly whet my appetite for enjoying that tension with my playmates and submissives here; because what starts as a person to person connection will inevitably become something much kinkier and sexier along the way.  The best part of a long term D/s relationship is the journey of becoming the best submissive you can be to your Mistress- and it all starts with a humble “hello” ;)

What are your thoughts on the D/s connection and the intimacy that surrounds it? Share in the comments.

XOXO- Mistress Marilyn


Finding Mistress Marilyn

Oh where oh where has Ms. Marilyn been, oh where oh where has she been? Well, now that I have that song stuck in your head for the next few days, I’ll quit teasing and tell you what’s up- aside from your cock ;) After my beautifully kinky birthday fun, technology decided to bite me in the ass- and taking my flogger to the laptop wasn’t going to help. I teased a couple of cute and shy computer geeks with my cleavage to get things back up and running, but I’ve also been taking time away to keep up with my figure skating before the rink closes for maintenance, and train a new submissive who’s adored watching me and my teensy skating dresses flutter around the ice! You’ll hear more about him next week- for now, let’s talk about how to get in touch with me just when you think I’ve mastered my disappearing act ;)

Marilyn_2My Schedule

Have you been getting all worked up by reading my blog and thinking about all the sexy Femdom fantasies you could explore with me? If you’ve been wanting to session with me, my Schedule Page is your go-to source of information for my availability, and how you can make an appointment with me if my availability doesn’t match up with yours. My summer has entailed lots of kinky fun (and promises of more fun to cum) so I most likely won’t be back to a regular schedule until fall- but, I do update my schedule page daily with the hours I plan to be available, or if I won’t be available that day. This way, you can always check to see if I’ll be around to tease you senseless!

Contact Me

You may have noticed that I have a couple of new pages on my blog to help you get in touch with me. I like to keep in touch with my submissives and playmates not only because I love to tease; but because this also makes it easier for us to set up sessions and chat in between our calls about ideas for future fantasies. Most importantly, it allows me to maintain a level of intimacy with my submissives- and I believe that intimacy and trust are key factors in developing a D/s relationship and exploring the depths of your submissive desires. You can visit my Contact Me page to find out about all the ways we can keep in touch; and you can also check out my Instant Messaging page if you’d like to chat on Yahoo Messenger before our session ;)

Have a Kinky Week, and we’ll see what sexy thoughts I have on my mind for next Weeks’s post!

XOXO- Mistress Marilyn


A Mistress Birthday Spanking

Happy Monday, Kinksters! As some of you may have noticed, I took a long weekend for my Birthday Celebrations- and that means that I’ve lots of kinky fun while I’ve been away ;) I am a Mistress who believes in sharing, and I’ve been all too excited to share the naughty details about my Birthday Spanking! I know- right now you’re having trouble taking your eyes off that bodacious booty of mine; thinking about just how adorably it must have bounced for those 24 birthday smacks! I’d hate to burst your bubble, but this was after all, a Mistress Birthday Spanking- which means there’s no way in hell I was the one getting spanked ;) As is my annual tradition, I have a long time playmate of mine who adores giving into his masochistic desires to take that birthday spanking for me- and this year, I just had to get a little bit creative  . . . .

Smacks 1-14

MarilynIt was delightful to have him strip for me again; uncovering those gorgeous biceps of his, those washboard abs- pale skin that looked far too tempting to redden up, and a throbbing hard on to tease. I have no doubt that my choice to slip into a tight black catsuit and lace into my underbust corset helped with the teasing, although the thigh high, stiletto boots may have helped too ;) Once he was undressed, I took a seat and had him crawl to the implements cabinet- bringing me my small wooden paddle and my leather flogger between his teeth, and gently dropping the toys into my outstretched palms like a good subbie ought to. I had him stand up while I uncrossed my legs, and patted my lap for him to drape his body over mine- and that’s when my fingertips got to work, swirling over and rubbing his sweet cheeks to warm them up nicely. For the first four smacks, I started light with a cupped hand and the perfect flick of the wrist to make his cheeks bounce; enjoying how breathless he became as he counted “One, Thank You, Mistress” and so forth. He wriggled deliciously from smacks five to fourteen as I began to put some muscle into my swing- my hand landing against his flesh with a piercing crack that resonated through the room. He was quivering for me; his body just beginning to relax into that steady endorphin rush when I reached over to the wooden paddle.

Smacks 15-24

As much as I adore OTK spanking, there is something about the sound of a wooden paddle against a bare bottom that I find insanely hot- and it was about time for this spanking to get even hotter! My hand gently cupped his cheeks to feel the developing warmth, before gripping my paddle and aiming right for the sweet spot. His counting got even more breathless; his voice becoming deeper and more primal with every crack against his ass. I told him to brace himself when we got to 20, and let him know that this spanking was about to get much harder as we approached that magic number. He tried so hard not to squirm as I put more strength into the swing- and he seemed so relieved when we finally got to 24. Little did he know, I had one more smack in store for him . . . .

One for Good Luck

I pinched his ass and told him to stand up and bend over. A drop of precum landed on my floor as he did, and I traded in my paddle in favor of my leather flogger for the grand finale. Gripping the handle tight, I positioned my index finger for the perfect aim and held the tails in my left hand. The room was nearly silent; the only things to be heard were his breath and mine, with his heart thumping nice and hard in anticipation. This made the swish of the flogger cutting through the air sound glorious before the tails finally cracked against his left ass cheek hard enough to make him yelp. He took a sharp breath in before turning to face me, and falling to his knees. I let his head rest in my lap, stroking his soft hair and whispering to him: “I sure hope that spanking didn’t tire you out too much- you haven’t even begun your oral servitude for the night . . .”

Have you ever taken a Birthday Spanking for your Mistress? How much would you have enjoyed taking 25 smacks for me this year? Share in the comments! Lastly, I’m giving a shoutout to Tease Toy and Alice Wonder for making my birthday amazing this year- I am still glowing due to your awesomeness!

XOXO- Mistress Marilyn


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